14 Epic GAA Fails to brighten your day

By on May 16, 2014

We all love a bit of failure on someone elses behalf for us to gain amusement out of.

Its what makes us human!

Say a prayer for each of the following on our list of epic fails which includes a lot of slips of the tongue. Some woeful accuracy. Some commentatory biting their tongues, modern technology going a rye and lads “relieving” themselves in the background of some otherwise brilliant action photography.

1 – This classic double fail beggars belief. Just how does this even happen?

2 – Though this wide from Deirde Doherty has to go down as one of the most miserable of all time…

3 – Then again Paudie Kissane didn’t do too much better here.

How Even

Gif Source: Tumblr

Sky are chancing their arm at the auld GAA coverage and so far there have been a few teething issues.

4 – Jim Whyte had trouble with some of the weshterly pronunciations.

5 – And previously, when announcing the deal – they seemed to be under the impression that Mayo’s curse had been broken in 2013.

6 – The Brits do have a bit of trouble some time with the gaelic words. Michael Portillo’s Cah-moh-gee sounds like a fun sport. Doesn’t it girls?

Unbelievable Jeff

Source: Google+

7 – The curse of the commentator came out to haunt this Setanta Sports pundit.

8 – And Shane Dowling really did this RTE pundit no favours with his epic double fail.

9 – When attending a GAA match, it bodes well for you to face the action when standing behind the posts.


Source: Tumblr

Freudian slips can be hilarious. Especially when your name is Dick Clerkin.

10 – Some Dick has just scored here…

11 – And here Dick comes in hard on him…

Can’t make that stuff up.

12 – Hawkeye had its own epic fail during its inaugural season – it ended up costing Limerick the game.

13 – And this guy who got cought in the act. Sure we all do it.

Taking a piss

14 – The awkward moment When Rory Kavanagh thought he would get away with this low blow

Boy that escalated

Source: SportsMockery.com

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