5 Ways the UK will React to Hurling on Sky Sports

By on June 2, 2014

People will react in different ways to the broadcasting of GAA on Sky in the UK. They wont be bogged down in the same way we are with the lack of free to air games. To them it is irrelevant.

In all likelihood, they will adapt well to gaelic football. It isn’t an entirely foreign sport to them. But the hurling.

The hurling is going to have some mixed reactions.

1 – Amazed

Much of the general public will hear about the hype surrounding some ancient Irish sport that will be on Sky over the summer. They will tune in out of interest and when they see the skill. The power. The pace. They will be amazed. “How have I never seen this before?” they will ask themselves.

2 – Horror

Many will tune in to Sky Sports 1 and 2 on a Saturday evening anticipating their regular broadcasting. Maybe a spot of cricket. A pre-season soccer tournament. Maybe Premier League Years.

Hurling will shit all over their nice relaxing evening with the telly and leave them clutching the kitchen knife close to their chests.

“Are we being invaded by the Irish?” they will shout before calling the police to report their findings.

3 – Snobbery

Some of the most hardcore soccer fans will refuse to convert. Instead they will analyse the game closely in order to pick out all the points on which it fails to measure up to “footie.” They will spout nonsense that the game is “too fast” and they aren’t even fit.

They will probably watch the gaelic football only so they can say “Football? But they’re using their hands.”

Many will dismiss the sport as “barbaric” despite its high level of precision and safety.

4 – Dis-belief

“They’re amateur?” these folk will say whilst tuning in to their TV sets on All Ireland final day. Having never experienced this hidden sport before, they will find it hard to believe that this whole other life was going on just across the Irish Sea.

“And they use sticks?! This is mental!”

5 – The Irish Reaction

They are Irish. This is their sport. They will let EVERYONE know. One side effect of the Sky Sports Deal is that now GAA players in the UK can proudly flaunt their favourite pastime. Nobody is safe from this guy.

The Irish will be found on a Saturday eve, scouting the bars in their local town/ city – ensuring that each pub has Sky Sports 1 on, and nothing else.

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  • Tadhg

    Was in an English pub in Mallorca last Summer watching Tipp and Kilkenny and just as the pub staryed to get busy, the place started to fall silent. Eventually there wasn’t a sound in the pub ans I turned around and everyone in the pub was just sitting there gobs open. There was a fella sitting there in a Rangers jersey and he broke the silence by saying ‘holy shit how is that legal?’ True story!

  • Luke

    This isn’t the first time Hurling or Gealic Football has been show live on British tv – Setanta regularly showed GAA from the UK channel live from circa 2005-10

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